NOSB Makes Unjustified Recommendation to ‘Delist’ Carrageenan


November 17, 2016

Today marked a setback for consumers following a recommendation by the National Organic Standards Board to remove carrageenan from the list of ingredients allowed in organic foods. While an NOSB subcommittee confirmed that carrageenan is safe for use in food and applauded the ingredient’s sustainability profile, the board questioned whether carrageenan is “essential,” in spite of testimony by numerous food producers who say they need it to make certain organic products.

The board’s recommendation will affect consumers in many negative ways, including possibly putting at risk the availability of organic infant formula—carrageenan is the only stabilizer currently approved for use in organic liquid infant formula.

Fortunately, the committee’s recommendation is not final and will require further review by the USDA, which has supported carrageenan’s use in food in the past and will make its final decision in November 2018. Check back here or follow us on Twitter for information and updates.