Natural Snacks Make Nutritious Meals – The Regional News

“Naturally derived ingredients that help reduce fat and sugar content but maintain product integrity are changing the way we snack.”


Three square meals a day are a thing of the past. Busy schedules, diverse dietary preferences and the flow of modern life necessitate more flexible and convenient meals. Luckily, snacking is in the midst of a revolution. Traditional snacks like chips and pretzels have given way to bigger, better and healthier options that deliver both convenience and nutrition in one tasty package. Whether clean-label, organic, vegan or nutrient-added, it’s up to ingredient suppliers and manufacturers to develop products that meet all of these demands. That’s certainly a tall order. While there are no standard requirements for clean label snacks, naturally derived gums

hydrocolloids and colors are generally accepted in such applications and have become increasingly popular. You might see these ingredients listed as carrageenan, a soluble fiber from red seaweed, or cellulose gel, which is a refined plant fiber. In many foods and beverages, these ingredients improve shelf life and nutritional value without diminishing taste — like giving drinkable low-fat yogurt that distinctive creamy consistency with every sip.

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