FMC Health and Nutrition Receives Most Innovative Ingredient of the Year Award from Union of Russian Ingredient Suppliers –

A Gold Medal for FMC Health and Nutrition with Avicel-plus® GP 7315 – the most innovative ingredient of the year.

 FMC Corporation – FMC Health and Nutrition

FMC Corporation’s Health and Nutrition business has been awarded a Gold Medal for Most Innovative Ingredient of the Year from the Union of Russian Ingredient Suppliers. The custom designed cellulose-based ingredient, Avicel-plus® GP 7315, addressed the needs of the Russian bakery industry for improved bake stability and texture and advanced the                                                                            quality of bakery filling.

Avicel-plus GP 7315 was developed specifically for fruit fillings. The product activates easily in typical production processes, avoiding the need for expensive capital investments, and provides excellent texture and bake stability across a wide range of recipes. As a result of Avicel-plus GP 7315’s ability to withstand high baking temperatures, the baked goods are more attractive to consumers due to enhanced appearance and texture.

“We are delighted to be able to combine our extensive ingredient knowledge with our local applications capabilities to bring this very innovative solution to our customers,” said Svetlana Vasilieva, manager, Technical Applications, Russia & CIS, FMC Health and Nutrition. “Since opening our technical support lab in Russia, we have found many opportunities to assist customers by tailoring advanced food technology solutions to the region’s needs, in particular across the bakery and dairy industries.”

FMC’s Avicel® brand microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) can be customized with processing to tackle a wide variety of texture and stability challenges. It is a naturally derived ingredient that is sustainably harvested from forest sources. FMC pioneered the use of MCC as the inventor of cellulose for food and pharmaceutical applications.

“We developed Avicel-plus GP 7315 in response to an unmet need we recognized among bakery customers for an ingredient that provided the benefits of our Avicel-plus products without significant changes to existing processes. The R&D scientists and food technologists worked closely with our customers to develop a tailored solution to this unique request,” said Catherine Bernard, manager, MCC Product Platform, FMC Health and Nutrition.

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