Carrageenan’s Role in Texture – Green Living Ideas

Have you ever thought about the texture in the foods you’re eating?

Have you ever thought about the texture in the foods you’re eating? Chances are you probably haven’t because texture, as it relates to food and drinks, frequently goes unnoticed. The irony is we don’t think much about texture unless it stands out as subpar, like when protein milk is grainy or yogurt is too watery. Texture has remained under our radars because the products we buy have gotten it right, with a little help from Mother Nature.

It’s important to realize that texture is a science – it takes just the right amount of the best ingredients to develop a product with the perfect delivery of a smooth, creamy, chunky, luscious or whatever the desired experience may be. Some naturally derived ingredients, like carrageenan, are servants of texture. Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid derived from red seaweed, making it one of nature’s perfect stabilizers as it creates a more indulgent product, even for the foods that may have

lower calorie, salt, sugar or fat content. Ingredients like carrageenan are what make nonfat yogurt just as decadent and fulfilling as the full fat options, providing a texture that’s crucial to both the ease and enjoyment of eating healthy.

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