Natural Colors

What are natural food colors?

Natural food colors are dyes and pigments derived from nature that provide foods with deliciously appealing colors people expect when consuming a specific food or beverage. Lack of color is often a sensory cue that is associated with a food that is bland or even spoiled. Added colors actually contribute to the sensation of taste for many people including children.

How are natural food colors made?

Natural colors are extracted from plants, fruits and vegetables and can come from a variety of sources, including paprika, saffron, lycopene from tomatoes, beta-carotene from carrots and chlorophyll found in plants.

Are natural food colors safe?

The natural food colors produced by DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences have been tested thoroughly and have been approved for use in food by regulatory authorities.

What foods contain natural food colors?

All kinds of foods contain added colors. Things like beverages, cereals and snacks, dairy, dry mixes, ice creams and thousands of other common products contain colors derived from natural ingredients.