Part 2: History of Food Safety in the U.S. | Food Safety News

Food Safety News – October 13, 2014 Welcome to the second installment of the history of food safety in the U.S. This time we’ll take a look at food policy and legislation over time. As discussed in Part 1, the collection of foodborne illness data is relatively new. “The Jungle,” written by Upton Sinclair […]

Letters To The Editor: An additive that has been proved safe - Food Science Matters

The Washington Post – August 22, 2014 Regarding the Aug. 18 front-page article “Food additives on the rise as FDA scrutiny wanes”: The Post was correct to say that carrageenan is a popular food additive because it helps meet consumer demands for high-quality low-fat and vegan foods by providing important functional benefits including stabilization […]

World Without Food Science - - Food Science Matters

IFT – October 2014 World Without Food Science® is a public awareness campaign created by the Institute of food Technologists to advance its educational mission as a scientific society. The awareness intiative is designed to help the public understand where their food comes from so that they can make informed decisions about the food […]

Seaweed is healthy, delicious, and legal in all 50 states

Grist – September 17, 2014 “Meh” about seaweed? Not for long. Seaweed, on the rare occasions I came across it in my Midwestern upbringing, seemed like a pretty simple deal: beach-borne mass of green goo-ribbons that you don’t really want to step on. Other than a few seaside experiences, I didn’t really think about […]

Marine scientist pursues 47-yr study, uses of seaweeds – September 7, 2014 His nearly five decades-long career as a top marine scientist runs parallel to the advancement of commercial seaweed farming in the country. University of the Philippines professor emeritus Gavino C. Trono Jr., now 83, has devoted his life work of 47 years–and still counting–to harnessing the country’s abundant seaweed […]

Charles Spence: the food scientist changing the way we eat

The Guardian – September 24, 2014 An Oxford professor’s research into what affects flavour, from who we eat with to background noise, has influenced food-industry giants and top chefs alike. Now his new book brings food science to the home cook, too. Charles Spence will eat just about anything. “We’ve got bee larvae ice-cream […]

Seaweed: The next big food crop?

CBS News – September 17, 2014 Most Americans don’t think of seaweed as having any redeeming value, but that could be changing — as scientists consider ways of turning even the most unattractive seaweeds into attractive items on the dinner plate, and the national menu. There’s a long global history of seaweed as a […]

Part 1: History of Food Safety in the U.S. | Food Safety News

Food Safety News – October 6, 2014 (This article by Michelle Jarvie of Michigan State University Extension was originally posted here on Sept. 30, 2014, and is reposted with permission. Parts 2 and 3 in her series will be appear later this month.) One question I am commonly asked when talking about food safety […]

We Love Fear by Jennifer Dewey

Agriculture – September 25, 2014 October is coming up and that means Halloween is right around the corner. Now I love Halloween. I love the pumpkins and the awesome decorations and the costumes. But you know what I don’t like? Being scared. I hate the fear that surrounds Halloween… So why on Earth is […]

Algae’s promise rebounds after setbacks

U-T San Diego – October 6, 2014 Algae are everywhere — in the oceans, freshwater lakes, soil and even air. And if businesses working with algae have their way, these versatile, plant-like creatures will become a key part of almost every consumer product. Companies and biotech researchers discussed that vision, and how to get […]

Is the tide turning on hunger this World Food Day?

Food Navigator – October 16, 2014 Last month, headlines jubilantly announced a huge fall in the number of people going hungry. World Food Day has been taking place against a backdrop of widespread global hunger since its inception in 1979, and according to the World Food Programme, hunger had been “slowly but steadily on […]

8 Great Scientific Solutions to Feeding the World

News Wise – October 14, 2014 In honor of World Food Day on October 16, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is highlighting eight solutions for feeding the world from its FutureFood 2050 website. They include articles featuring Kofi Annan, M.S. Swaminathan, Sylvia Earle and more. Feel free to re-publish or share these links […]

Gizmodo: From Ice Cream to Toothpaste: Seaweed’s Hidden Uses

Don’t call it a comeback, seaweed’s been here for years Seaweed: The Incredible Edible Algae We Use for Way More Than Sushi The humble seaweed may best be known for its ability to encase morsels of sticky rice and raw fish (not to mention spa-goers) but this plant-like organism has slowly worked its way […]

Can a single number sum up your food?

International Food Information Council – October 27, 2014 Making food information accessible, clear, and easy to understand is a great goal that many of us in the nutrition and food safety communities share. However, accomplishing this goal comes long before the information actually reaches consumers- it’s critical that the information itself is evidence-based and […]

The Guardian – November 5, 2014

Are seaweed snacks the future as the tide turns on meat consumption? From seaweed burgers to craft beer, a number of start-ups recognise protein potential of seaweed as growing demand for meat puts increasing pressure on resources… Eating seaweed is not a novel concept. Algae is a staple part of diets across Asia and […]

‘Father of molecular gastronomy’ explores solution to world hunger – The Boston Globe

“Food has always intersected with science — since antiquity” – Michael Brenner, Professor, Harvard Food and chemistry are commingling in many ways right now, as scientists and chefs rethink how we conceptualize cooking. In Cambridge’s Kendall Square, the new restaurant Cafe ArtScience, where science fuses with cuisine, is generating considerable interest. Cafe founder David Edwards […]

Is carrageenan natural?

FMC’s Seaweed Platform Marketing Manager, Bill Matakas and food scientist Kantha Shelke share their expertise on carrageenan Source: NewHope360 What is carrageenan? Red seaweed extract. Homemade versions using Chondrus crispus, a.k.a. “Irish moss” were used for centuries across Ireland for respiratory problems. Today, two distinct varieties of carrageenan exist in U.S. manufacturing: Food-grade, or “undegraded,” […]

Don’t keep food S&T secrets from consumers

Consumers’ lack of food science knowledge is stunting the impact a firm can have when launching new products – via Food Manufacture To combat the problem, the food and drink sector must be more open about the cutting-edge science and technology (S&T) it uses to make products if it is to be more successful, […]

Food Additives that Sound Scary but Aren’t – Eat Drink Better

Food additives like gellan gum, guar gum, xanthan gum, lethicin, dextrose and ascorbyl palmitate may sound toxic, but really aren’t Not all food additives are created equal. We talk a lot about potentially harmful ingredients in our food, but some food additives sound a lot scarier than they are. 1. Gellan gum – This is […]

Staying on-trend in snack development – Food Business News

FMC experts share their expertise on the savory trends in snack development PHILADELPHIA — Consumers today want snacks with simple ingredients, but developing such products is hardly simple. Just ask the food scientists at FMC Health and Nutrition, a global supplier of naturally derived ingredients for food and beverage companies. “I think the No. 1 challenge, regardless […]

KFC Sues Over Claims of Birds With 8 Legs – The New York Times

KFC sues Chinese competitors who orchestrated a social media campaign saying that KFC bred chickens with six wings and eight legs….each. By The Associated Press The restaurant operator KFC said on Monday it had filed a lawsuit against three companies in China saying that their social media accounts had spread false claims about its […]

Clear Beer, Part 1 – Craft Beer & Brewing

Finding clarity in beer. Craft Beer & Brewing reviews kettle finings and the benefits of carrageenan in the brewing process. In a recent Web-exclusive article on, I addressed a few of the reasons that you might turn out a hazy brew here and there. One of the culprits I mentioned was chill haze, […]

Almond milk sales are soaring, despite environmental, health concerns – Fortune

Advisory Council member, Roger Clemens offers a sound-science rebuttal to this week’s Fortune article addressing carrageenan in almond milk. Anyone who read this piece on whether or not almond milk is good for us or the environment can make up their own minds.But if they make up their minds based on the science Fortune referenced as to […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Junk Science – Food Insight

Spot Junk Science Like a Trained Scientist Before we begin, there is something I need to disclose: I am a scientist by training and received my PhD in microbiology and immunology, centered on nutritional immunology. Whew! Real science credentials are not always popular in conversations about food, so I’m relieved to get that off my […]

FAO/WHO Committee: Carrageenan ‘Not of Concern’ in Infant Formula – Food Safety News

Food Safety News shares JECFA news At its meeting last week in Geneva, the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) concluded that the use of carrageenan in infant formula, or formula for special medical purposes, at concentrations up to 1,000 milligrams per liter is “not of concern.” Seaweed industry organization Marinalg International […]

Natural Snacks Make Nutritious Meals – The Regional News

“Naturally derived ingredients that help reduce fat and sugar content but maintain product integrity are changing the way we snack.” Three square meals a day are a thing of the past. Busy schedules, diverse dietary preferences and the flow of modern life necessitate more flexible and convenient meals. Luckily, snacking is in the midst […]

Five Food Myths Debunked

Nowadays, we all care about what foods we eat, and their effects on our body. However, there are many “food myths” that just won’t seem to die down. In this article, we tackle five of the most common out there. 1. Carbohydrates Make You Overweight The prevalent low-carbohydrate diets seem to have brought about this […]

Carrageenan deemed safe as ingredient in almond milk

Sneak Peek: Dr. Oz Clears Up the Confusion About Almond Milk – The Dr. Oz Show, 10/15/15 Dr. Oz and his staff discuss the confusing headlines about what’s actually in almond milk. Read more from the source:

Why Are Companies Adding Seaweed To Our Food?

If you are a particularly eagle-eyed consumer, you may have noticed the word “carrageenan” on the ingredients list of your almond milk, lunchmeat or candy bar. What fewer people know is that carrageenan is an ingredient that is produced by boiling seaweed. It is then added to these foods that many of us eat regularly. […]

Do You Diet Out Of Fear? – A Health Blog

Food scientist Danielle Robertson on dieting and fear Fear can be a powerful motivator. If you were afraid your poor health would prevent you from walking your daughter down the aisle, you’d probably be more motivated to eat healthy and workout. Sometimes fear seems like the only way to get a message through to […]

Previous Research on Food Additives Deemed “Faulty” – Food Safety Magazine, 1/25/16

Announcement on food additive research Last week, FMC Corporation announced that an analysis that was published inFood and Chemical Toxicology–a respected peer-reviewed journal–has found significant flaws in food additive research, specifically related to the food ingredient carrageenan. Carrageenan is a soluble fiber derived from red seaweed and a food ingredient that has been used […]

Why bad science isn’t good for anyone – Los Angeles Times, 1/28/16

A case for why bad science is just bad There is an old adage that the squeaking wheel gets the most oil. If you need proof that adage still rings true, consider where we are with food science research. Much of the time, the loudest are heard, regardless of qualifications, while the more informed […]

In defense of ingredients – Food Business News, 3/8/16

Science, safety, seaweed and how to deal with misinformation. Company executives may feel a scientific study gives a misleading view of their food product. Researchers may feel the study contains information about an ingredient that needs a further explanation or even a correction. A response may seem necessary, but consider the investment. “It takes […]

Who regulates fear in the American diet? – The Hill, 4/14/16

Dr. Roger Clemens on food science and fear Image: The Hill Anyone who has watched what passes for political discourse lately will agree that we live in a polarized society and that this polarization extends far beyond our politics. Some of us don’t trust business unless it is our own. Some of us believe that […]

Essential and Natural: Why This Ingredient Belongs in Organic Food

The “certified organic” seal is synonymous with healthy living and clean eating. But what exactly does it mean? And who decides what is or is not certified organic? In the United States, food is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. The seal verifies a product has been made with 95 percent “certified […]

Is Seaweed the Next Superfood?

There’s a new superfood in town. And it’s not kale. Seaweed may be a hot new food trend in the United States, but this leafy green from the sea has been used in Asian cuisine for thousands of years. Not only is seaweed low in calories and fat, it’s also packed with essential nutrients like […]

Decoding Food Labels: Scary Additives or Gifts from Nature?

Food-ingredient labels are getting shorter. Why? Because the people have spoken: We want fewer, better ingredients in our foods. We asked, and the companies that make our food responded by replacing artificial colors and flavors, removing what’s unessential, and using naturally derived ingredients. But even shorter “clean” labels can still read like a technical manual. […]

Fiber: What It Is and Why You Need More of It In Your Diet

Eat more fiber. If your doctor didn’t give you this advice at your last checkup, she probably should have: 97 percent of Americans don’t get the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber they need to stay healthy. But what is fiber, and why is it good for you? Dietary fiber, sometimes called “roughage,” is a […]

The Recovering Foodie

Look, we all love food. It’s what keeps us alive. But a certain thing can happen when a person gets immersed in the lifestyle and trends that surround food. Something that can affect a person’s life, relationships, and work. Yes — brace yourself — we are talking about when someone you love (or maybe even […]

100 Food Myths, Busted

As misinformation about food proliferates on social media and online, it’s more important than ever to counter these myths with science-based evidence. RDNs are the original food-myth busters, so in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, we’re sharing 100 food myths and the facts that refute them. 1. Myth: