About Us

Food science exists to make food safer, last longer, travel great distances and, of course, to make it taste better

Since the very beginning of human existence food has been altered, processed and enhanced. While “altering, processing and enhancing” sometimes receive unwarranted criticism, the fact of the matter is, our food supply is dependent on them.

If we want to continue to have food that is safe, nutritious, abundant for all and enjoyable we will need to meet challenges that have become more complex as we try to bring food from regions of abundance to areas of great need.

Without a commitment to advanced food science there is almost no hope of addressing the world’s food security challenges. Research, technology and dedication are what feed a hungry world. Our appreciation for this innovation should be a given. It isn’t.

As long as we have been eating food we’ve been arguing about it. That is especially true about food science and the arguments have become more shrill and polarized.

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