About FMC

Food science exists to make food safer, last longer, travel great distances and, of course, to make it taste better

Since the very beginning of human existence food has been altered, processed and enhanced. While “altering, processing and enhancing” sometimes receive unwarranted criticism, the fact of the matter is, our food supply is dependent on them.

If we want to continue to have food that is safe, nutritious, abundant for all and enjoyable we will need to meet challenges that have become more complex as we try to bring food from regions of abundance to areas of great need.

Without a commitment to advanced food science there is almost no hope of addressing the world’s food security challenges. Research, technology and dedication are what feed a hungry world. Our appreciation for this innovation should be a given. It isn’t.

As long as we have been eating food we’ve been arguing about it. That is especially true about food science and the arguments have become more shrill and polarized.

FMC’s goal is to play our part in bringing safe, healthy and enjoyable foods to future consumers and cultures throughout the world. We are justifiably proud of the science and the people practicing it who will make that goal both achievable and sustainable.

FMC Corporation

At FMC, we are experts in food texture, stability, structure and color. With more than 75 years experience in the food industry, we have a deep understanding of the complexity of product formulation. We’re more than suppliers, we’re formulators who work side-by-side with our customers, integrating a nuanced understanding of their challenges with our deep food science, product and application knowledge. We are fully focused on understanding every dimension of consumer preference for taste, texture, color and portability.

We believe that we share a mission with our customers. We want to make food that is appealing, safe and able to meet the growing challenges of feeding an increasingly hungry world. And we hope this site helps serve that purpose.

FMC’s Commitment to Sustainability

Feeding the world, protecting health, and providing the conveniences of life – that is what we do at FMC. We strive to employ the best technology to cultivate strong customer partnerships and find solutions that help improve people’s lives.

Since our founder, John Bean, invented the first sprayer for agriculture in 1883, FMC has continued a proud heritage of pioneering solutions for our customers. Today, we use advanced technologies in research and development, mining, and manufacturing to produce customized products and applications for the markets we serve. Our offerings provide important sustainable benefits, including increased agricultural production, better foods and medicines, advanced energy storage, and cleaner water, air and soil.

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